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Parkhouses Independent Living Services is a family run, Independent Care Agency who have been providing quality home care and support services in and around the Burnley area for over 25 years.

The Parkhouses Care Team are also proud to manage a community based social club (S.M.I.L.E.) that provides an opportunity for people to get out and about, make new friends and try new activities in a safe environment.

All our care plans are highly trusted and designed for each individual client. Working alongside our experienced Care Team, ParkHouses ensure the best possible support for your loved ones. We have been recommended time and time again in recognition for the high quality care support we strive to deliver.

Our Promise for In Home Care Services

By understanding our client’s care needs and offering a range of flexible care and support packages, the team will ensure our valuable customers continue to work towards a positive out look in life – working towards a life as independent as possible and supporting independent living within their local communities.

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Elderly Care Services Burnley

All our support is flexible and individually tailored to each person’s needs. For example, we can provide support from as little as 1 hour a week to 24 hours a day!

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The service was caring.

Staff were respectful to people, attentive to their needs and treated people with kindness in their day to day care. People told us staff were very kind and caring.

Service Users were able to make choices and were involved in decisions about their care. Their views and values were central in how their care was provided.

People were involved in making decisions about how the service was run. They were involved in the development of policies and procedures and the recruitment and training of staff.

Inspector, Care Quality Commission

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Learning Disabilties

Parkhouses ILS are committed to helping people with learning disabilities lead a life of maximum independence. This is  why we adopt a person centred approach which enables our service users to take control of their own lives and live a life they choose; all from the comfort of their own home.

Our person centred approach shifts the balance of power so that people with learning disabilities can make their own decisions and become as self sufficient as possible.

Parkhouses ILS Home Care Provider Burnley
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Services Making Independent Living Easier

Dementia Support

A diagnoses of dementia can be really challenging for individuals and families to come to terms with but with the right help and support people with dementia can lead a full, active and happy life within their own homes.

Find Quality, Local in-home carers for your loved ones with ParkHouses ILS

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